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KJV Only-ism Comments - 2002

Below are assorted e-mails I received in 2002 commenting on the items listed under "KJV Only-ism" at Bible Versions Controversy and the section on this subject in my Differences Between Bible Versions book. The e-mailers’ comments are in black and enclosed in "greater than" and "lesser than" signs. My comments are in red.

>Hi Gary

I have been exchanging e-mails with a KJO, and he has just surprised me with some further claims.

I thought there only was a problem with the Greek CT, but now he writes that NA(S)B is a Roman Catholic translation, and that the Hebrew text sturtgartgensia is corrupt and written by an anti-semite Kittel.

1. Is NAS originally a Roman Catholic translation? Actually he just writes New American Bible.

2. Maybe that is different from the New American Standard Bible?

3. Is Sturtgartgensia a corrupt Hebrew text?

I really appreciate you taking time to answer me

from Denmark

The New American Bible (NAB) is definitely a different translation altogether than the NASB. The NAB is a Roman Catholic version. To be approved as such, a version has to include Catholic approved footnotes in all editions. The NAB is also a DE version. None of these points apply to the NASB. It is a Protestant version, does not include the Catholic footnotes, and is a FE version.

As for the Sturtgartgensia, the Bilica Hebraica Sturtgartgensia is the standard Hebrew text used for the translation of all modern day versions. I am not that familiar with Hebrew textual criticism, so I am not sure how much it differs from the Hebrew text used for the KJV. But as far as I know, there is no debate today among scholars about the Hebraica being the best Hebrew text. KJV onlyists are the only ones who ever complain about it as far as I know. But you will have to contact someone who is more familiar with Hebrew textual criticism than I for details in this regard..

>Hi Gary

Thank you very much for answering my questions. But I don't know what an FE and a DE version is?<

Sorry about that. FE stands for "formal equivalence" i.e. a word-for-word translation principle. DE stands for "Dynamic equivalence, a phrase-for-phrase translation principle.

>Also, is there a Hebrew scholar you know or know about whom you would recommend that I ask about Sturtgartgensia?

God bless
from Denmark

Sorry, but I don't know of any Hebrew scholars off hand.

> Dear Gary,

It was with much excitement that I found your web page. As I read thru it however, my feelings turned to sadness . I truly can't imagine the sadness and despair impressionable people feel after talking to you about the Bible. Having a Bible expert as yourself tell someone " I am well versed in Hebrew and Greek, college educated but the King James Bible is too hard for me to read and comprehend easily. I was floored when I finally read thru most of your search for the best Bible translation. The only criticism I saw from you was ' it's to old and confusing to use". A man can claim to dechiper 1,800 year old manuscripts and yet the KJV is to complex. Your whole argument is discredited with me on that statement alone.

Sadly, I feel you know the truth but are letting your self pride over ride it. Pride can be a powerful thing I guess. These people should get a foundation anchored like a rock from you and all they seem to get is" well, compare 3 or 4 versions, and the truth will lie in there somewhere. We had the perfect Word 1,800 years ago, but not anymore, just translations which are imperfect. Now go and have faith in the imperfect Bibles." What a strong and convincing thing for these people to hang their hat on in troubled times.

What a shame, you have the tools at your disposal to do that for people but insist on the Bible not being the Perfect Word today.

In closing, I would suggest you read the sermon from Jack Hyles on the KJV Bible page of Brandon Stagger. A powerful sermon indeed. In essence he says without the Perfect Word, all we have is idolatry. 3 kinds, of the Catholic Church, of our won feeble mind, and of our personal experience. It's one of the 3 if we don't have a Biblical Final Authority. If we don't have the Perfect Word as our Final Authority it's either Church, mind, or experience. Period. I feel many have those 3 as their final authority after talking to you, and that's just a crying shame.

I know many that felt like your dear Grandfather, and I think most are glad they've never had the misfortune to study at the feet of Lower Education. Guess they don't know what they missed. Or maybe they do.

North Carolina.

There is big difference between going through the effort to learn Greek to read the Greek NT and having to struggle with an English translation thereof. In the former case there is no way around it. If you want to read the Bible in the original languages you need to learn Hebrew and Greek and they are not easy languages to learn. But in the case of the KJV there is simply no reason whatsoever to struggle with it when just as accurate yet much easier to read versions are available.

Otherwise, I address the type of KJV only viewpoint you are presenting in depth in my Bible versions book. So I'll just refer you to it for further comments in this regard.

Bible Versions Controversy: KJV-Onlyism
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