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KJV Only-ism Comments - 2001

Below are assorted e-mails I received in 2001 commenting on the items listed under "KJV Only-ism" at Bible Versions Controversy. The e-mailers’ comments are in black and enclosed in "greater than" and "lesser than" signs. My comments are in red.

>What a balanced site!  Very refreshing!  My family is "KJV-ONLY!"  In fact, if I wrote some names, you would recognize them as well-known Fundamentalists. My husband and I, however, find so much value in studying from the NASB, in addition to our KJV's.

Our church is KJV only, and we can only teach from the KJV, which is not a big problem; but we can not agree with so many of the arguments that our church and my family put forward to prove that the KJV is the only Bible and is "perfect." I am SO SICK of the division that this is causing in Biblical Christianity today.

Thank you for your site and your comments.

Thank you for the kind comments.

>Greeting,  I was so glad I came across your website. Reading about the high court back in King James times reminded me that when myself and kid were living with my husband (Pro KJV1611 Bible believer).  We were told we were going to go to hell for reading the wrong Bible.  His pastor of an independent Baptist fundamental church believes he can tell who is saved and who is not.  Knees and shoulders are considered nakedness (KJV) for male and female.  Much abuse in all of this.  Family court had to get involved, now there is litigation for a legal separation.  True Christianity keeps families and marriages together, not tears them apart.

People at his congregation have personal conflicts over family funerals of church service on Wednesday night.  Whenever the doors are open you are expected to be there.  Found notes on Christian publishers, Christian authors and books not to read.  Pastor showed my husband wasn't saved.  He got saved three times in ten months.  People that leave congregation are ostracized in front of everyone and congregation is told to no longer speak to them.

WHAT BLASPHEMY.   VERY CULT LIKE TEACHINGS.  I  am so glad to see this website.

Thank you for speaking out and having this website.

Thank you for relating your story. It does sound like you are in a difficult situation. My heart and prayers go out to you. 

You are correct in that what you describe does sound very cult-like, or what I call on my site *aberrational Christianity. It sounds very manipulative and damaging. The best way to handle such churches it to leave if at all possible, even it it means being ostracized. I know leaving being behind friends can be difficult, but God-willing, you'll be able to find more reliable friends in a new and true Christian church. 

May God be with you.

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