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Trinity Comments - 2002

Below are assorted, short e-mails have been I receiving in 2002 on the items listed at The Doctrine of the Trinity. The e-mailers’ comments are in black and enclosed in "greater than" and "lesser than" signs. My comments are in red.

>Didn't the Old testament make a clarification by God that said He was one. Therefore, I wonder why He would come back and contradict himself and say He is three? Oh, well I guess I only have an eight inch skillet and I can't that fish to fit. Thanks for your indulgence.


There is no contradiction whatsoever. And you would have known this if you had actually taken the time to read what I've written on my site in this regard. Instead, you probably just glanced at my site and decided to fire off a snide comment, which BTW, makes no sense.

>u r right sorry


>Dear Pastor Zeolla,

I believe in the Doctrine of the Trinity as you belief and am in the process of reading all of your articles. In the meantime, I have a friend who claims to be a Messianic but doesn't believe in the Trinity and will recommend your enriching web site to him.

MY QUESTION: Does one have to believe in the Trinity doctrine in order to be saved?

Thank you.


I don't believe so. The only verse that might indicate as such is John 8:24. But, IMO, that's not enough evidence to deny someone's salvation. However, there are those who would disagree with me. But whatever the case, it is a very important doctrine as I discuss on my Web site and in my Scripture Workbook.

>Dear Pastor Zeolla,

Thank you for your quick reply.

So, you are saying that in your opinion, one may not have to believe in the Trinity doctrine in order to be saved, except for that one verse in John 8:24, which seems to state otherwise. Am I correct?<

That's how I see it. But again, others would disagree, and I'm open to being corrected on this point. I just don't think one verse is sufficient to establish a "condition" for salvation.

>Would that mean that anyone who believed in Jesus only as the Messiah/ Christ or great man and prophet would still be saved without believing that He was God incarnate?<

I believe so. Although if the person is truly saved I do think the Holy Sprit within him would eventually lead the person into the truth.

>I am looking forward to reading all of yours and others articles on your web site; and eventually getting your book. I am grateful that there is a web site such as yours in support of the the Trinity doctrine (there seems to be so many on the net against it). The Lord bless you as you continue to operate in the teaching gift that he gave you.

Blessed New Year to you and yours,

Thank you for the kind comments.

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