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This page provides links to recommended books on theology available from Amazon.

Bible Programs

PC Study Bible: Complete Reference Library - By Biblesoft. The most complete collection of resources in the PC Study Bible series. contains the KJV, NKJV, NAS95, NIV, Nelson's Bible Dictionary, an interlinear, Hebrew and Greek lexicons, and many other resources. An excellent Bible program. Also available, the smaller New Reference Library .

Bible Library - An inexpensive introduction to Bible software. Contains 9 Bibles, 5 word studies, 6 dictionaries and references, 2 commentaries, 101 hymn stories, 3,000 sermon outlines, and 21 maps.

Nelson's Electronic Bible Reference Library - Contains the KJV, NKJV, other Bible versions, and many Bible study aids. Some are "locked" (meaning you need to purchase a code to open them), but many come unlocked already.

QuickVerse Deluxe 7.0 - Contains 16 different Bible versions and 76 reference titles, including commentaries, dictionaries, atlases, and classic Christian books . The preceding link is to Deluxe edition. An intermediate edition and beginner's edition are also available. The beginner's edition contains eight Bible versions and 38 reference titles.

Bible Related Programs

Greek and Hebrew Tutor Bundle - By Parsons Technology. Excellent resource for learning the original languages of the Bible. Greek Tutor and Hebrew Tutor are also available separately.

Expositor's Bible Commentary - The complete award winning commentary with the convenience and speed of a CD ROM. A very good commentary. However, the base translation is the NIV, so this writer would recommend ignoring the translation and comments on textual criticism. But most of the exposition is based on the Hebrew or Greek texts. By Zondervan Software.

Please note:  If you order one or or more of these products and decide to order again at a later time, the only way this ministry gets "credit" for your subsequent purchases is if you go to Amazon's site by first coming here and clicking on one of the links on this site. So please return here before ordering a second time!

Amazon Christian Books Recommendations

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