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NEW! Creationist Diet: Second Edition; A Comprehensive Guide to Bible and Science Based Nutrition - This Second Edition is 2-1/2 times as long and presents a different perspective on diet than the First Edition. The First Edition mostly advocated a vegan diet, while this Second Edition also advocates for a diet that includes animal foods. But, and this is very important, those animal foods are to be what are called “old-fashioned” meats, dairy, and eggs, not the “factory farm” products that most people eat. What is meant by these two terms and the incredible difference between them is explained in this book. In addition, this book covers a wide range of diet related topics to help the reader to understand how to live a healthier lifestyle according to God’s design.

Mom went to be with the LORD is a memorial.

Tiny Israel: Amidst a Massive Sea of Muslim Lands is a new article.

Biblical and Constitutional Politics is a new website by Gary F. Zeolla. It presents Political articles and commentary from a conservative Christian and politically conservative perspective.

The following are new articles:

OSU Rampage and Islamic Theology

Myths About the First Christians?


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