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In order for this ministry to continue, those who receive benefit from it need to support it. There are three ways to do so. Below is a description of each, along with a discussion on the financial situation of this ministry.

Purchase of Books and eBooks

The page Books and eBooks by the Director lists books by this writer, Gary F. Zeolla. Sales of these books are the primary means this ministry is supported. And if you do read one or more of these books and find them beneficial, then telling others about them would be greatly appreciated.

It would also help if you could write a review of books you have read on Amazon's and Barnes and Noble's Web sites. You can easily find my books by doing a search on "zeolla" as I'm the only author with this name.

Purchase of Recommended Products

Since the advertising on this site was proving to be basically worthless, I replaced most of the ads with ads for my books. But I left two sets of ads. The first is the section Recommended Online Merchants and Products. This section lists online merchants this writer has purchased from and found to be reliable and to offer quality products at reasonable prices.

Also listed are specific items I would particularly recommend. Foremost among these are recommended books from Books-A-Million. These are mainly Christian books that would be beneficial to your spiritual life. There are also some books on health that I have found to be helpful. And Books-a-Million offers these books at the best prices I have seen on the 'Net.

The second set of ads are direct links to books on Books-a-Million's site in the bibliographies at the end of most articles on this site. But please note: a link here does not necessarily mean the item is recommended. I have linked to any books mentioned in the article and which are offered by Books-a-Million. These links are for convenience sake for those who would be interested in researching the subject of the article.


This ministry is not set up as a non-profit organization. So donations to Darkness to Light are not tax-deductible. But since I've had questions in this regard, it is now possible to make donations to Darkness to Light through PayPal by clicking on the PayPal button below. The donation amount is in increments of $5.00. If you wish to give more than $5.00 then simply adjust the "Quantity" accordingly.

If you already have an account with PayPal you will be asked for your e-mail address and password. If you do not already have an account, you can sign up now with PayPal now before making the donation, or you can sign up as you are doing so. After making the donation, follow the "click here to continue" link to be returned to this page.

Financial Situation of this Ministry

This writer, Gary F. Zeolla, is the director of this ministry. Many people seem to think I have some kind of "staff" that helps with this ministry. But in fact, this ministry is basically a one-person operation. I am the author of most of the articles, format all articles, do all of Web designing, answer all of the e-mail, etc. The only exception to this is the occasional "guest article" posted on this site, along with some help I have received from Internet friends in regards to the banners seen on this site.

I have been doing this ministry "full-time" for over a decade now. I put full-time in quotes as given my rather poor health I am not really able to put in a full 40 hours a week. But what time and energy I do have is invested in this ministry.

But since the sales of my books have been lackluster at best and, as indicated, the advertising on this site proved to be worthless, it is very possible I will have to take a part-time secular job. And if I do, I will not have the time or energy to do much of anything with this ministry. So that would basically be the end of Darkness to Light.

So if you find this ministry worthwhile and would like to see it continue, please prayerfully consider supporting it through one or more of the above three methods.

Also note, I have been waiting to see how sales of the Analytical-Literal Translation (ALT) go before making a decision on starting the Analytical-Literal Translation: Devotional Version (ALT-DV), which is mentioned in the introductory pages of the ALT. But if the ALT itself does not sell, or if I need to take a part time job, then I will not be able to begin the ALT-DV. So if you want to see this version produced, you can encourage its production by supporting this ministry.

For a follow-up to the above article, see ALT-DV and Ministry Update.

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