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Honoring All Forms of Worship

The following e-mail exchange is discussing the articles on Religious Science listed at New Age Movement. The e-mailer's comments are in black and enclosed in "greater than" and "lesser than" signs. My comments are in red.

>One thing that I will say about Religious Science is that they are very clear about honoring all forms of worship. And to that I agree. I would much rather have people in some form of spirituality rather than none.<

Different forms of worship, such as say Religious Science and the Christian faith, are contradictory. The only way someone can "honor" all forms of religion is to ignore these very serious and irreconcilable differences.

Tolerant of different religions, of course, but to somehow say they are all just as valid can only be done by ignoring the differences. And to me, that does not "honor" any of them as doing so ignores their basic teachings.

>You seem to have something against Religious Science<

I disagree with what what they teach.

>You do not seem to have any comments about other religions except that one.<

There are 800+ pages on my site. Out of these pages, four deal with Religious Science. On the other hundreds of pages I address numerous different religions. I also address the teachings of different religions in my Scripture Workbook.

They do a lot of decent work. And unless you attend the church and its classes and read the works or Ernest Holmes I submit that you do not entirely have a lot to base your remarks on except that you have a problem with the teachings.<

That I have a problem with their teaching is the whole point. It is what they teach that matters. That said, I have attended a religious science church before, the Mile High Church of Religious Science in Denver, CO to be exact. I have read Holmes books. I own two of them, along with other religious science writings.

>And if you like you can dislike the teachings.<

I disagree with their teachings for the logical reasons cited on my site. It has nothing to do with likes and dislikes.

>But, perhaps you should look in to other teachings and compare all of them instead of this particular one.<

Already done that, on the hundreds of pages on my site and in my Scripture Workbook.

> Religious and/or spiritual teachings go back to eons ago and a lot of religions draw on very ancient traditions. There is enough room on the planet for all teachings.


There is plenty of room for different beliefs, but only one of them can be correct when they are inherently contradictory.

You apparently read one or two pages out of the hundreds on my site and jumped to some very unfounded conclusions. May I kindly suggest you get your facts straight before making judgments.

You are correct..........I did not read all of your pages and I wish I could. Perhaps over time I will be able to get them read. I apologize if I have offended you. I have attended Mile High Church for years and was feeling defensive about some of your comments.

Yes, the contradictions are numerous and some difficult. I will agree that some Religious Science teachings could use some work. I pretty much like that there is freedom in the teachings and I take what I like and leave the rest. I am pretty much a free spirit that way.

I was raised Catholic and felt very confined by the teachings and left the church as a teenager. I believe in "Truth" and feel that is the one thing that will not be hidden away. Love is truth.

May you be loved and blessed.

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