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Someone posted a message in "alt.christnet.apologetics" Newsgroup asking how to go about witnessing to his college friends, especially ones who did not believe the Bible is the Word of God. He stated his friends wanted "answers" as to why they should believe the Bible and the Christian faith to be true. Below was my response, with some alterations for inclusion here.

I think the best way to respond will be to give you a short testimony as to how I came to believe the Christian faith is true. For me, coming out of college, I first needed to know that the Bible was at least generally reliable. I wanted to know if it was reliable in terms of the Hebrew and Greek texts it is translated from, in terms of its historical reliability, and of its internal consistency.

I did some reading in this regard and found that it "passed" in each respect. Listed on the following page of my site are articles that deal with these subjects: The Bible.

Next, my concern was with the overall message or worldview of the Bible. How did it compare with that of other worldviews? Was it more logically consistent? Could one live consistently within that worldview? What were the logical implications if it was true? And, did it provide meaning and purpose to life?

Again, I found the Biblical worldview "passed" each question. It was indeed superior to all other worldviews. I discuss some of these ideas in articles listed on the following page on my site: General Theology and Apologetics.

The questions you and friends are asking are important. They shouldn't be brushed off. At the same time, it is difficult to explain all of this in a Newsgroups post. So I simply encourage you to check out the articles listed on the above pages on my site, along with articles listed under other subjects.

God bless you in your dealings with your friends,

><> Reepicheep <><

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The above message was posted on this Web site August 2, 1998.

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