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Errata for First Edition of the ALT:
Corrections Since Publication

Variants Appendix

This list of corrections is continued from ALT Errata: Hebrews to Revelation.

These corrections are for "Appendix #1: Significant Textual Variants" as seen in the published Analytical-Literal Translation.


12:47 - after "brackets verse" add "as being doubtful"

26:28 - add: MT/ TR: new – CT: omits

26:61 - change "phrases" to "phrase"


1:1 - change - "{Son of God}" to "{God's Son}" (i.e. for consistency with how the MT reading is translated)

2:22 - change "skins" to wineskins"

12:15 - delete "to" before "sentence"

"15:52   MT/ TR: from them – CT: omits" - should be numbered 14:52


19:29 - change to "MT: Bethsphage – TR/ CT: Bethphage"


5:3       MT/ TR: waiting for the moving of the water. – CT: omits

5:4       MT/ TR: includes verse  – CT: omits verse

"11:10   MT/ TR: was – CT: was still" - should be numbered 11:30

19:3 - change "And the were" to "And they were"


9:28 - should read "MT: and speaking boldly in the name of the Lord Jesus, – TR: moves phrase to verse 9:29 - CT: omits Jesus"

"13:42   MT: days which – TR/ CT: days, a work which" - should be numbered 13:41

17:14 - "as through by" should be "as though by"

28:29   add: MT/ TR: includes verse – CT: omits verse


"4:10     MT/ TR: are insulted – CT: strive" - move entire variant to 1Timothy 4:10


"4:10     MT/ TR: are insulted – CT: strive" - add entire variant


2:18 - change "escape" to "escaped"


"12:20 MT/ CT: stoned. TR: stoned or shot down with an arrow." - add entire variant 


"1:14 MT: there - TR/ CT: omits" - should be numbered 1:12

9:16 - There’s an extra “[times] ten thousand” for the TR variant. It should read, “TR: [was] two [times] ten thousand [times] ten thousand [i.e. 200 million].”

13:5 add: MT: to make war - TR/ CT: omits, war (translate, to act)

"13:10   MT: has captivity, he goes away [into captivity] – TR: gathers [into] captivity, he goes away into captivity – CT: [gathers] into captivity, he goes away into captivity" - add entire variant

            "MT/ TR: if anyone kills by a sword, it is necessary [for] him to be killed by a sword – CT: if anyone [is] to be killed by a sword, he [is] to be killed by a sword"  - add entire variant 

22:14 - add "the ones" before "washing their robes"

22:19 - add: MT/ CT: tree of the life – TR: Scroll of the Life

Scripture taken from the Analytical-Literal Translation of the Holy Bible.
Copyright 1999-2001 by Gary F. Zeolla of Darkness to Light ministry (www.dtl.org).

The above errata list was posted on this Web site October 11, 2001.
It was last updated January 9, 2004.

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