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Analytical-Literal Translation

Byzantine Majority Text:

(Matthew - Philemon)

The first edition of the Analytical-Literal Translation of the New Testament (ALT1) was based on the first edition of the Byzantine Majority Text (Byzantine-1; published in 1991). The second edition of the Analytical-Literal Translation (ALT2) is based on the forthcoming second edition of the Byzantine text (Byzantine-2).

The list below presents places where the Byzantine text was changed from Byzantine-1 to Byzantine-2 and thus necessitated changes in the ALT text. The following readings are translated as they appear in the respective editions of the ALT.

The first reading is from ALT1 and the second reading from ALT2. Words in brace brackets in ALT1 indicated words which were bracketed in Byzantine-1 indicating the manuscript evidence was divided. But with further research and collation of additional manuscripts, for many of these, the editors of the Byzantine text (Maurice Robison and William Pierpont) were able to make decisions as to whether these words were original or not. So they now either appear without brackets in Byzantine-2 or the words were removed from the text. In other cases, there is still some question on these passages. But in Byzantine-2, the questionable words are footnoted rather than bracketed.

Also note, in a few cases, the changes indicated were already corrected in ALT1 since Dr. Robinson had provided the Byzantine text to this translator as it had already been corrected in 2001. However, the passages are rendered as they would have appeared in ALT1 if it had used the 1991 text without the corrections.

In some cases, prepositions were bracketed in Byzantine-1, but the prepositions were removed in Byzantine-2. However, in translating ALT2, the prepositions now appear without brace brackets. This is because the preposition is “contained” in the following noun as indicated by the grammatical form of the noun. In other words, the preposition was not really necessary in the first place.

In a few cases, some of the changes from ALT1 to ALT2 reflect translation changes and not changes in the Greek text.

Verse numbers preceded by a double-hyphen indicate places where the change between editions of the Byzantine text was so minor that it did not show up in translation.

A pound sign (#) before the readings indicate places where Byzantine-2 is now identical to Hodges and Farstand’s The Greek New Testament According to the Majority Text. This is the version of the Majority Text that is referred to by the notation “M” in the footnotes of the New King James Version.


5:39 {your} right cheek // the right cheek

5:45 # in {the} heavens // in the heavens

10:28 # {the} soul and {the} body // the soul and the body

19:5 # {his} father // father

19:26 # {are} possible // [are] possible

21:33 # a {certain} man // a certain man

22:23 # Him, {the ones} saying // Him, the ones saying

24:27 will {also} be // will also be

26:9 # {the} poor // [the] poor

26:33 # {yet} I will never // yet I will never


--2:14 Levi // Levi

--6:16 # Herod // Herod

--8:26 # his house // his house

-- 9:2 # John // John

// 9:38 # John // John

10:2 # {the} Pharisees // [some] Pharisees

10:29 {But} answering // Answering

10:29 # and {for the sake of} the Gospel // and for the sake of the Gospel

10:31 # and {the} last first // and last [ones] first

11:4 # {the} colt // a colt

13:21 {And} then // Then

14:9 {So} positively // Positively

15:32 # believe {in Him}. // believe in Him.

16:1 # Mary {the} [mother] of James // Mary [the mother] of James


1:15 # {the} Lord // the Lord

4:4 # {The} person // A person

5:30 # {the} tax collectors // the tax collectors

7:12 # {was} a widow // [was] a widow

7:37 # {and} having known // having known

9:55,56 # {and said, "You* do not know of what sort of spirit you* are! 56For the Son of Humanity did not come to destroy people's lives, but to save!"} // and said, "You* do not know of what sort of spirit you* are! 56For the Son of Humanity did not come to destroy people's lives, but to save!"

14:24 {for many are called, but few chosen.} // for many are called, but few chosen.

19:4 # passing {through} by // passing by

19:15 # {that} he commanded // he commanded

20:32 # {But} last // But last

22:30 My table {in My kingdom}, and // My table, and

24:10 # Mary {the} [mother] of James // Mary [the mother] of James


1:29 # {John} sees // he sees

1:42 # {But} having // Having

1:43 {Jesus} finds // Jesus finds

3:36 see {the} life // see life

5:1 # {the} feast // the feast

5:5 thirty {and} eight // thirty-eight

6:39 # {in} the last day // on the last day

6:54 # {in} the last day // on the last day

6:70 {Jesus} answered // Jesus answered

7:53 each one went out // each one departed

8:2 coming {to Him}. // coming.

--8:3 having been taken in adultery // having been caught in adultery

8:4 say to Him, {testing} [Him], // say to Him,

8:4 we found this [woman] // this woman was caught

--8:4 in the very act-committing adultery! // in the very act-committing adultery!

8:5 in our Law, Moses commanded that // in the Law, Moses commanded us that

8:5 You say {about her}? // You say?

8:6 having an accusation against Him. // having [something] to accuse Him.

8:7 let him cast the first stone // let him first cast the stone

8:9 the older [ones] {to the last [ones]}. // the older [ones].

8:10 "{Woman}, where // "Where

8:11 Jesus said {to her}, // Jesus said,

8:11 I condemn you. // I judge you.

8:11 and {from now on} no longer // and no longer

--8:39 #would be doing // would be doing

--12:16 Jesus // Jesus

--12:30 Jesus // Jesus

14:3 if I go {and} prepare // if I go, I shall prepare

14:14 ask {Me} // ask Me

18:2 with {also} // with

18:28 was early morning // was morning

--18:37 # Jesus // Jesus

--19:38 Joseph // Joseph

21:1 # {His} disciples // the disciples


4:12 # name {under heaven // name

7:14 # all {his} relatives // all the relatives

9:18 # and {at once} he // and he

9:28 # coming in {and going out}, // coming in,

--13:25 # John // John

13:27 {in} Jerusalem // in Jerusalem

13:42 {these} words // [these] words

22:20 # murder {and} [was] guarding // murder, guarding

23:7 a dispute [between] the Pharisees {and the Sadducees}, and // a dispute [instigated by] the Pharisees, and

27:38 # {the} food // the food

--28:16 to the camp commander // to the camp commander


--3:10 # written: [There] // written: [There]

7:23 {by} the law of the sin // to the law of the sin

13:9 # You will not steal; {You will not give false testimony}; You will not covet. // You will not steal; You will not covet.


6:16 # {Or} you* // You*

8:5 # on {the} earth // on earth


5:14 # that {since} One // that since One

--7:11 # In every[thing] // In every[thing]


2:9 we {indeed} // we indeed






1:6 # bearing fruit {and growing} // bearing fruit and growing

1:14 # // redemption {through His blood}, the forgiveness // redemption, the forgiveness


4:1 # [As to] {the} rest // [As to the] rest


1:8 Jesus {Christ}, // Jesus,

1:12 # Jesus {Christ} is // Jesus is








This list is continued at Byzantine Majority Text: Changes (Hebrews-Revelation).


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