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Byzantine Majority Text:
Alternate Readings

(Matthew - Philemon)

These pages are a supplement to the second edition Analytical-Literal Translation. It was not possible to include this information in the published ALT text. But it is mentioned twice in the text that this information is available on this Web site.

The second edition of the Analytical-Literal Translation of the New Testament of the Holy Bible (ALT) is based on the forthcoming second edition of the Byzantine Majority Text . The ALT follows the main Byzantine text. However, the second edition of the Byzantine text also includes footnoted, alternate readings. These pages list these alternate readings.


For the vast majority of the New Testament, well over 80% of the Greek manuscripts support the main Byzantine text. So there is little question from this perspective of textual criticism that this text reflects the original autographs. But when the manuscripts are closely divided, criteria other than the number of manuscripts take on a greater importance in determining which reading is most likely original. This reading is then used for the main text. But where significant support exists for an alternate reading, it is footnoted.

In many cases, the difference between the main text and the alternate reading is so minor that it does not show up in translation. But these pages list all of the alternate readings where the difference is translatable. But even then, these pages shows that most of the time, the difference between the main text and the alternate reading is very minor. So the reader can have full confidence in the integrity of the Greek text underlining the ALT.

For further details on textual criticism and related issues, see the translator’s book Differences Between Bible Versions. It is available from the publisher AuthorHouse (www.AuthorHouse.com ~ 1-888-280-7715).



On these pages, the main Byzantine text readings are presented as they appear in the ALT; the footnoted readings are translated as they would appear in the ALT if the ALT used the alternative readings.

In some cases, two or three separate footnoted readings for the same verse are combined into one entry. And in a few cases, the Byzantine text gives two alternate readings for the same text. These are both indicated.

Alternative translations and other bracketed material seen in the ALT are omitted here unless the difference between the main text and the alternate reading affects such material. However, words added for clarity are included and bracketed as they would be in the ALT.

In some cases, the only difference between readings is that a word which appears in the main Byzantine text is omitted in the alternate reading. But the word is needed for clarity, so it is appears within brackets in the alternate reading (or vice-a-versa).

The Alternate Readings

Verse Main Byzantine Text // Alternate Reading


5:39 the right cheek // your right cheek

5:45 in the heavens // in [the] heavens

10:28 the soul and the body // soul and body

11:8 the royal houses // the houses of kings

11:16 marketplaces // a marketplace

11:16 friends // others

11:23 Capernaum, the one having been exalted to heaven, you will // Capernaum, will you be exalted to heaven? You will

13:3 to be sowing // to sow

13:15 I will heal // I shall heal

13:28 we will gather // we shall gather

13:33 hid in // mixed in

15:39 stepped into // went up into

17:27 coming up // having come up

19:5 father // his father

19:26 all [things are] possible // all [things] are possible

21:30 the second // the other

21:33 a man // a certain man

22:13 feet and hands // hands and feet

22:23 approached Him, saying, “[There] is not // approached Him, the ones saying [there] is not

24:27 will also be // will be

26:9 [the] poor // the poor

26:17 we will prepare // we shall prepare

26:33 yet I will never // I will never

26:35 shall I deny // will I deny


1:10 like a dove // as a dove

1:34 Him. // Him to be [the] Christ.

2:9 Get up yourself // Be getting up

2:10 to be forgiving sins on the earth // on the earth to be forgiving sins

2:11 Get up yourself // Be getting up

3:27 he shall plunder // he will plunder

4:37 were splashing // splashed

8:13 a boat // the boat

8:25 saw // again saw

9:45 for you // [for] you

10:2 [some] Pharisees // the Pharisees

10:29 Answering // But answering

10:29 for the sake of the Gospel // for the Gospel

10:31 last [ones], first // the last, first.

11:4 a colt // the colt

11:24 you* shall be asking // you* yourselves shall be asking

12:43 the ones putting // the ones having put

14:12 we should prepare // we will prepare

14:65 kept hurling at [fig., kept striking] // hurled at [fig. struck]

15:18 Hail, the King // Hail, King

15:32 believe in Him. // believe.

15:42 before the Sabbath // before [the] Sabbath

16:1 Mary [the mother] of James // Mary the [mother] of James


1:15 the Lord // [the] Lord

3:26 Semei // Semeei

3:27 Joanan // Joanna

3:34 Terah // Terrah

3:35 Peleg // Pelek

4:4 A person // The person

5:30 with the tax collectors // with tax collectors

6:18 by unclean // with unclean

6:26 when people // when all people

7:12 [was] a widow // was a widow

7:37 having known // and having known

9:22 to rise // to be raised

9:38 I beg You to look // I beg You, look

9:55,56 and said, “You* do not know of what sort of spirit you* are! 56For the Son of Humanity did not come to destroy people’s lives, but to save!” // omits

12:58 throw you // be throwing you

14:24 for many are called, but few chosen // omits

17:10 we are obligated // we were obligated

18:7 shall not God // will not God

19:4 passing by // passing through by

19:15 he then commanded // he commanded

20:32 But last // Last

22:9 we will prepare // we shall prepare

22:30 My table // My table in my kingdom

22:32 shall not fail // shall not be failing

24:10 Mary [the mother] of James // Mary the [mother] of James


1:29 he sees // John sees

1:42 Having // But having

1:43 And Jesus finds // And He finds

3:2 came to Him // came to Jesus

3:23 Salem // Salim

3:36 see life // see the life

5:1 the feast // a feast

5:5 thirty-eight // thirty and eight

6:39 on the last day // in the last day

6:54 on the last day // in the last day

6:70 Jesus answered // He answered

8:7 let him first cast the stone // let him be casting [the] first stone

12:40 I should heal // I will heal

14:3 if I go, I shall prepare // if I go and prepare

14:14 you* ask Me anything // you* ask anything

17:24 glory which You gave // glory which You have given

18:2 gathered there with // gathered there also with

18:28 was morning // was early morning

21:1 the disciples // His disciples


2:37 will we do // shall we do

3:6 get up // be getting up

3:24 announced // announced beforehand

4:12 name // name under heaven

4:16 will we do // shall we do

4:17 let us ourselves threaten // we ourselves shall threaten

4:32 their belongings // his belongings

5:12 were taking place // took place

5:33 hearing // having heard

5:41 the name of Jesus // His name

6:3 we shall appoint // we will appoint

7:14 the relatives // his relatives

7:31 began marveling // marveled

7:38 a living word // living words

7:43 Remphan // Rephan

9:18 and he regained // and at once he regained

9:28 coming in // coming in and going out

9:28 at Jerusalem // in Jerusalem

10:5 the one being called Peter // who is called Peter

12:25 to Jerusalem // from Jerusalem

13:27 in Jerusalem // [in] Jerusalem

13:42 [these] words // these words

14:9 heard // was hearing

14:10 Stand up properly // Stand up straight

15:22 Barsabbas // Barsabas

16:17 Paul and us // Paul and Silas

18:2 because of Claudius ordering // because Claudius had ordered

18:3 [by] trade // by trade

19:40 to give // to render

21:8 the ones about Paul, having gone out, came // we, having gone out, came

22:20 murder, guarding // murder and [was] guarding

22:25 he stretched him out // they stretched him out

23:7 a dispute [instigated by] the Pharisees, and // a dispute [between] the Pharisees and the Sadducees, and

24:6-8 6who also was trying to desecrate the temple, whom also we arrested, 8from whom you will be able, [Note: There is no verse 7 in the main text.] // 6who also was trying to desecrate the temple, whom also we arrested, and we wanted to judge [him] according to our Law. 7But Lysias the commanding officer having come along, with much violence took [him] away out of our hands, 8having ordered his accusers to be coming before you, from whom you will be able,

25:13 having greeted // greeting

25:14 he was staying // they were staying

26:3 customs [or, morals] // customs [or, habits]

27:38 enough of the food // enough food

28:27 I would heal // I should heal


5:1 we have // we shall be having

6:1 Do we continue // Shall we continue // Will we continue

13:9 You will not steal; You will not covet. // You will not steal; You will not give false testimony; You will not covet.

15:7 received you* // received us

16:3 Prisca // Priscilla


8:5 on earth // on the earth


5:14 that since One // that One

7:13 So in // In

7:13 rejoiced all the more // rejoiced yet all the more

12:21 will humble // shall humble


1:8 out of heaven shall himself be proclaiming // out of heaven proclaims

2:9 we indeed [should go] // we [should go]

5:4 You* fell away // You* will fall away


5:21 the fear of Christ // the fear of God


3:13 I do not consider // I do not yet consider


1:6 bearing fruit and growing, // bearing fruit,

1:14 redemption, the // redemption through His blood, the

3:12 of compassion // of compassions


5:21 But be examining all [things]; be holding fast // But examining all [things], be holding fast


1:8 Jesus, // Jesus Christ,

1:12 Jesus is // Jesus Christ is

Note: There are no alternate readings for 1Timothy through Philemon.

This list is continued at Byzantine Majority Text: Alternate Readings (Hebrews-Revelation).


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This list of alternate readings was posted on this site September 25, 2004.

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