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Byzantine Majority Text:
Alternate Readings


This list is continued from Byzantine Majority Text: Alternate Readings (Matthew-Philemon).


11:9 in [the] land // in the land

12:7 [It is] for discipline [that] you* endure. God deals // If you* endure discipline, God deals


4:7 to God, but stand // to God. Stand

4:14 it will be a vapor // it is a vapor

5:11 observe that // you* observed that


3:16 they speak against you* // they shall be speaking against you*

4:3 for us // for you*


1:4 our joy // your* joy

4:16 and God abides in him. // and God in him.

5:4 our faith! // your* faith!

5:20 and eternal life! // and the eternal life

The Revelation

1:2 he also saw. // he also saw, and whatever is and whatever is necessary to be after these [things].

1:4 from God, the One // from the One

1:4 which [are] // which are

1:5 the One loving us // the One having loved us

1:9 partner // fellow-partner

1:12 And there I // And I

1:17 right [hand] // right hand

1:20 the seven lampstands are // the seven lampstands which you saw are

2:3 you have perseverance and [have] endured // you [have] endured and have perseverance

2:7 in the Paradise // in [the] middle of the Paradise

2:10 about to suffer // about to be suffering

2:10 Listen indeed! // Listen!

2:14 Israel and to eat // Israel, to eat

2:15 of the Nicolaitans // of Nicolaitans

2:16 Therefore repent! // Repent!

3:1 that you live // and you live

3:2 strengthen // strengthen // keep

3:2 which you were about // which were about // which you are about

3:3 you have received and heard, and be keeping [it], and repent. // you have received, and repent.

3:3 you shall by // you will by

3:7 David // DAD [Note: An abbreviation for David. And in 5:5; 22:16]

3:7 no one shuts it except the One opening // no one shuts [it], and shuts

3:9 I loved // I loved

3:12 out of heaven // from heaven

3:12 My new name // a new name

3:18 revealed, so that you // revealed. You

4:2 And immediately // Immediately

4:3 [there was the] appearance of emeralds. // [similar] in appearance to an emerald.

4:4 twenty-four // 24 [Note: Twice. And in Rev 4:10; 5:8; 11:16; 19:4.]

4:7 a face of a person // the face like a person

4:7 the fourth living creature [was] // the fourth [was]

4:8 the four living // [the] four living

4:8 each one having // each one of them having

4:8 saying, “Holy, holy, holy [is] // saying, “Holy, holy, holy, holy, holy, holy, holy, holy, holy [is]

4:11 all [things] // all the [things]

4:11 they were [fig., existed] // they are [fig., exist]

5:3 in the heaven above nor // in the heaven nor

5:5 the One opening // to open

5:8 a harp // harps

5:8 are prayers // are the prayers

5:12 the wealth // wealth

5:13 which is in heaven and in the earth and under the earth and on the sea // which [is] in heaven and in the earth and under the earth and is on the sea

5:14 saying the “So be it” and the // kept saying the “So be it,” and the

6:1 Be coming and see! // Be coming!

6:2 And look! A white // And I saw, and look!, a white

6:4 fiery [red] // fiery red

6:5 “Be coming and see!” // “Be coming!” And I saw

6:7 “Be coming and see!” // “Be coming!”

6:8 And look! A pale // And I saw, and look!, a pale

6:8 was following him // was following with him

6:11 to each of them // to them

6:11 until // until which [time]

6:11 brothers [and sisters] and the ones // brothers [and sisters], the ones

6:12 the whole moon // the moon

6:13 tree having cast // tree casts

6:15 and free person // and every free person

7:1 any tree // every tree

7:5-8 twelve // 12 [Note: All 12 occurrences]

7:5 thousand having been sealed out of // thousand out of

7:11 before the throne // before His throne

7:14 made [them] white // made them white

7:17 shepherds them // will shepherd them

7:17 He leads them // He will lead them

8:3 should offer // will offer

8:5 peals of thunder and voices // voices and peals of thunder

8:12 should not shine [for] the third // should not be shining [for] the third

9:2 And he opened the shaft of the bottomless pit // omits

9:10 stingers. And in // stingers. In

9:10 they have power to harm // their power [is] to harm

9:16 of the horse // of the horsemen

9:20 and the [ones] of brass // omits

10:2 having in his hand a scroll // he was having in his hand a little scroll

10:7 is completed // shall be completed

10:9 telling him to give the little scroll to me. // telling him, “Give the little scroll to me.”

10:10 scroll // little scroll

10:11 they say // he says

11:1 Get up // Be getting up

11:2 forty and two months // forty-two months // 42 months

11:6 as often as they desire with every plague. // with every plague, as often as they desire.

11:8 their dead body // their dead bodies

11:9 their dead body // their dead bodies

11:10 they will give // they will send

11:11 after the three // after three

11:13 And in // In

11:16 before the throne of God // before God

11:16 elders, the ones sitting // elders [who] sit

11:19 of the covenant of the Lord // of His covenant

11:19 thunder and great hail. // thunder and an earthquake and great hail.

12:3 great, fiery [red] // great, fiery red

12:6 they shall be nourishing // they shall be feeding

12:8 And he was not strong // And they were not strong

12:12 O heavens // the heavens

13:4 beast, and who [is] able // beast? Who is being able

13:8 worship before it // worship before him

13:10 anyone has captivity // anyone [is destined] for captivity

13:10 if anyone kills by a sword, it is necessary [for] him to be killed by a sword. // if anyone [kills] by a sword, it is necessary [for] him to be killed.

13:13 so that even fire is coming down from heaven on the earth // so that even fire he shall be making to be coming down from heaven to the earth

13:14 leads astray my own [people], the ones // leads astray the ones

13:14 from the sword  // of the sword

13:16 marks // a mark

13:16 their forehead // their foreheads

13:17 is able // shall be able

13:18 And its number is six hundred sixty-six. // Its number [is] 666.

14:1 The Lamb having stood on Mount Zion, and with Him a number, one hundred forty-four thousand, // A Lamb having stood on Mount Zion, and with Him 144 thousands,

14:3 one hundred forty-four thousand, // 144 thousands,

14:7 the Lord // God

14:7 before Him, the One having made // before the One having made

14:8 Fallen // Fallen, fallen

14:12 holy ones, the ones keeping // holy ones, here [are] the ones keeping

14:13 saying, // saying to me,

14:18 her grapes became ripe // the bunch of grapes of the earth became ripe

14:19 he threw // he was throwing

14:20 one thousand, six hundred // 1,600

15:2 over the beast and over its image // over the image and over the beast

15:2 having harps // having the harps

15:4 and glorify // and will glorify

15:4 for all the nations will come // for all will come

15:6 from the temple // omits

15:8 filled with smoke // filled by the smoke

16:1 voice out of the temple saying // voice saying

16:1 Be going away, and pour out // Be going away. Pour out

16:3 every living soul // every soul

16:4 the third [angel] // the third angel

16:5 was, the Holy [One], // was, holy,

16:8 the fourth angel // the fourth [angel]

16:10 the fifth [angel] // the fifth angel

16:12 the sixth [angel] // the sixth angel

16:16 Armagedon // Megiddo

16:17 the seventh [angel] // the seventh angel

16:17 upon the air // into the air

16:18 earthquake, such as // earthquake occurred, such as

17:3 full [or, covered] with names // full of [or, covered with] names

17:4 in her hand // in the hand of the earth

17:6 being drunk from the blood // being drunk of the blood

17:6 the holy ones, from // the holy ones and from

17:8 whose names // whose name

17:11 is himself also // this one is also

17:16 will make her having been laid waste and will make her naked // will make her having been laid waste and naked

17:17 are completed // will be completed

18:1 After // And after

18:2 Fallen // Fallen, fallen

18:3 of the wine of the wrath // of the wrath of the wine

18:5 remembered her misdeeds. // remembered her [for] her misdeeds.

18:6 gave back, // gave back to you*,

18:6 in the cup // in her cup

18:8 death and sorrow // death, sorrow

18:11 will weep and will mourn // weep and mourn

18:13 and sheep and cattle // and cattle and sheep

18:15,16 sorrowing 16and saying, // sorrowing, 16saying,

18:16 ‘How horrible! How horrible! // ‘How horrible!

18:17 every[one] sailing by [the] place // every[one] sailing by the ships

19:1 After // And after

19:13 name is called // has been called

19:14 armies, the [ones] in heaven // armies in heaven

19:17 an angel // one angel

19:17 the great banquet of God // the banquet of the great God // the great banquet of God

19:18 and both of small // and of small

19:20 with sulfur // with the sulfur

20:3 And after // After

20:4 the forehead // their forehead

20:4 the thousand // [the] thousand

20:7 when the thousand years are completed, // after the thousand years,

20:8 the number [is] // the number of them [is]

20:12 and scrolls were opened // and they opened scrolls

20:13 the dead, the [ones] in it // the dead in it

20:13 the dead, the [ones] in them // the dead in them

21:1 went away // passed away

21:2 out of heaven from God // from God out of heaven

21:4 He will wipe away // He will wipe away from them

21:5 these words are true and trustworthy. // these are the true and trustworthy words of God.

21:6 I have become // I have become

21:6 I will give to the one // I will give to him, to the one

21:7 The one overcoming will inherit these [things], // The one overcoming, I will give to him these [things],

21:10 the great city // the city

21:12 which are [the] names of the twelve tribes of the sons // which are the twelve tribes of [the] sons

21:15 gates and its wall. // gates.

21:16 twelve thousand, twelve stadia // twelve thousand stadia

21:17 And he measured its wall: one hundred forty-four cubits // And its wall [is] 144 cubits

21:19 The foundations // And the foundations

21:24 glory and honor of the nations // their glory and honor

21:26 into it. // into it so that they shall enter.

21:27 and [anyone] doing an abomination // and the one doing an abomination

22:1 a pure river // a river

22:2 from here and from there // from here and from here

22:3 not be [any] longer // not be there

22:5 they have no need // [there shall] not [be] a need

22:6 he says // he said

22:7 And listen! // Listen!

22:8 the one hearing and seeing // the one seeing and hearing

22:10 for the time // because the time

22:13 the Alpha // the A [Note: The Greek capital letter Alpha]

22:13 the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End. // [the] Beginning and End, the First and the Last,

22:18 God [is prepared] to add // God will add

22:18 the plagues // the seven plagues

22:19 may God take away // God will take away

22:20 Lord Jesus! // Lord Jesus Christ!

Last-Minute Update

As with the first edition, the second edition of the ALT was going to be based on the first edition of the Byzantine text. But at the last minute, the ALT was updated to the forthcoming second edition of this Greek text.

This last minute update was made possible by Dr. Maurice Robinson. He graciously provided to this translator a list of all of the differences between the first and second editions of the Byzantine text and a list of the alternate readings that appear as footnotes in the forthcoming second edition. So it was possible for the second edition of the ALT to be based on the most up-to-date and accurate Greek text possible. Many thanks to him in this regard.

This list of alternate readings was posted on this site September 25, 2004.

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